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WARRANTIES : Terms and Conditions

  • Under a warranty, the customer must present the original certificate and receipt of the product when requesting for any repairs or service.
  • If the customer does not present the original certification and receipt of the product, the customer is not entitled to have the product repaired or serviced under warranty, and is permitted to bear the full cost of the repair or service of the product at the standard charges by, including delivery charges.
  • The certification of a product is not replaceable. If the certificate is found to be tampered with or with unauthorised alternation, the certification shall be unquestionably nulled, invalid and void.
  • If the product is found to be defected and damaged other than by the Authorised Service Centres such as improper installation, operation, maintenance, alteration, mishandling, abuse, negligence, exposure to extreme temperature and humidity, attack by pets and pests, abnormal voltage or the use of generators, fire and lightning, damages and scratches due to normal wear and tear; defects or damages due to corrosion, rusting and staining and the like.
  • The warranty of the product does not include charges for transportation, postage and courier for delivering the product to and from the customer and