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Pay with Boost Wallet!

The growth of cashless payment options, including that of the e-wallet, has grown exponentially in Malaysia. Additionally, the central bank has also pushed to have Malaysia become a cashless society by 2050, but this could happen earlier if the mobile wallet trend continues on its current trajectory.

Do you know what is Boost e-wallet? It takes 1 minute to complete the payment- super fast, easy, and secured! 

“Boost” is a very popular payment method now! You can shake it & get the reward after payment! Just follow step by step to make payment.

NOTE: The steps below are similar for other e-wallet such as Grabpay, Touch N' Go and more.

Step 1: Select your product




Step 2: Select 'iPay88' Payment Gateway (Please read and click "Terms and Conditions")




Step 3: Select online banking > Boost Wallet




Step 4: Select "Tap and pay" (you will be redirected to the Boost App)




Step 5: Put your pin and it's done!